some things that bother me

in list form, bc well, it’s easier. this list is being written bc I was reminded of one thing that bothers me and I thought of related things. and I realized I’d never really shared them in one place before:

  • when people act like all asians are light-skinned
  • when people forget that not all south asian americans are of a high/middle economic class
  • when people talk about “indian weddings” as if there is one type of indian wedding. no u shut it ur wrong
  • when asian american / asian/pacific islander american orgs talk about the issue of south asians not being included but don’t seem to do any sort of outreach
  • when family says several times within a short time period that my middle brother is really bad at understanding malayalam. no i am pretty sure he can understand well enough to get by. it’s not like he needs to follow super difficult conversations or something
  • when I bake something and people who are over ask if I can cook [insert (south) indian dishes here]/ “our cooking”. ok bro just enjoy this wonderful dessert i’m making u and stop acting like there’s anything wrong with my answer of “sure, as long as there’s a recipe I can follow”
  • i’m sure there’s a lot more but I’m gonna stop here ok (for now)
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