I am tired of not being part of “Asian [American]”

I am tired of not being part of “Indian [American]”

by being part of, I mean feeling welcome in. The first because of the questions around who counts as “Asian.” The second because of not feeling like belonging because when people talk about India they only ever mean northern India (and,well, a particular conception of that part of India, too).

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    Even though I’m North Indian, and have lighter skin and the privileges that come with it, my family is still rooted in...
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    yeah!! reblogging bc truth-ness :)
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    word up. i was just talking to someone about how calling myself Indian-American makes me feel weird now. There’s just...
  9. shaanlu said: YOU KNOW I TOTALLY GET YOU ON THAT. omg lets please have a discussion on this bc i thought i left this part of me a long time ago! thats part of the reason why i didnt really consider myself indian american until i met you folks
  10. dancefloorpolitician said: i’m way too familiar with this sentiment :/