i wish there were events with south asian speakers

and i dont want to devalue or ignore other people who fall under the category ‘asian’ but i have to wonder how much anyone means by API/APA/AAPI as a political identity when i don’t see any reflection of the supposed effort to make it a collective political identity - maybe the reason there are south asians that don’t identify under this political identity is bc we are so often led to believe we are not a part of it bc we never see this reflected. and i know there are others who don’t feel accurately represented by this political label, but I don’t know very much about those struggles, so I don’t want to say anything that might be misleading about that

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  2. onlynina said: i know i’ve talked about the South Asian Awareness Network a bit, but that is an awesome event. WLP in DC does a lot of south asian speaker-focused programming. sometimes it’s about seeing a need and creating those events yourself, or so i’ve found!
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