i would like 2 reply to everyone but i am so tired

jsut know i appreciate you all

Tuesday, Sep 30,2014 @ 22:26

i mean if im bein honest, all i want right now is like - get a job, get an apartment, get married

judge me for my v conventional desires idc

i am so tired and my head hurts but I NEED TO FINISH THIS ASSIGNMENT


Rev Sekou kneeled between protesters and police and prayed, then was thrown into a police vehicle with blood smears all inside of it.

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Tuesday, Sep 30,2014 @ 21:02 [13,514 notes]

i’m exhausted but i have this homework to do


Tuesday, Sep 30,2014 @ 17:21

Sundiata Acoli, Co-Defendant of Assata Shakur, To Be Released On Parole




"the struggle continues…"

“I want so much for Sundiata to know how much he is loved and respected. I want him to know how much he is appreciated by revolutionaries all over the world. I want Sundiata to know how much he is cherished by African people, not only in the Americas, but all over the Diaspora. I want him to know how much we admire his strength, his courage, his kindness and compassion. Sundiata loves freedom and we must struggle for the life and freedom of Sundiata.” —Assata Shakur

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i just realized another one of my pet peeves (more than a pet peeve, bc it’s a real issue lol) is people posting lists of things to boycott w/o providing alternatives. it’s useless that way. a boycott isn’t effective at all in any way if there are no viable alternatives known and easily presented to people

like, cool i can know that revlon both tests on animals and has connections to israel (through parent company) but what does just telling me about it do? telling me that bare escentuals/bare minerals doesn’t seem to have any connections to israel in addition to telling me that, however, is useful bc now you’ve provided a possible alternative


Even though the memorial was burnt to a crisp for #MikeBrown, it’s BIGGER & BETTER ! #Ferguson #NoJusticeNoPeace

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are you thinking about it??

i was yesterday night bc i was thinking of applying to this internship but then this afternoon in the slightly less hazy musings i had i realized i’m not at the place where i’m willing to go so far when i’m so unsure about a lot of things so i will just apply to more local public health agencies (-shakes fist at the fact that a place in contra costa county is the only city that has offerings listed on the california public health website-)

i guess my parents finally got rid of our cable and like no one told me this happened

makes sense since we’re all older now and not really watching tv but man, i was not aware of this, so i was like all excited to watch Revenge as it aired and then i went to go turn on the tv to check what time it’s airing and i was like.. wait.. where is.. box