Anonymous said: Um I don't understand... How is putting swear words throughout a cookbook violating black people and promoting racism ????







To start with, it’s called ‘Thug Kitchen’. “Thug” is shorthand for black male; regardless of how strictly you might try to adhere to respectability politics (i.e. cultivating an image for yourself that lets white people know you’re not like those black people), if you’re black and male you’re still seen as a thug who’s guilty of something a la Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, etc. (Here’s an article about the racist use of the word “thug” throughout the Trayvon Martin trial.)

On no planet can these white yuppies use the word “thug” without racial implications or realistically deny that those implications are intentional. There’s a reason why they were anonymous until the release of their cookbook.


Second, it’s not just swear words, they use African American Vernacular English (AAVE, or “ebonics”) and make the conscious decision to infuse it with vulgar language, which is, by the way, racist since AAVE is not innately vulgar. That’s just their interpretation of what it means to be a “thug”. AAVE is a dialect like any other, using it does not reflect any aspect of your personhood, your intelligence, your class, your education, etc, all it means is that you grew up Black in America, or that your language is influenced by Black people you grew up with.


"All up in", "Ain’t nobody got time for that", etc are examples of AAVE. If you read an interview with these people you’ll notice they don’t speak in AAVE naturally (some non-black folks grow up with AAVE; that is not the case here). They’re just white people who swear a lot. They could have created their corny brand around that vulgarity alone but the addition of AAVE and the "thug" archetype are exploitative and RACIST. The language they’re using is the joke. When black people make jokes that involve AAVE, the language is just the mode of delivery. Everything about this is a mockery and it’s embarrassing, I hope the realization that these people are making money off this minstrel show inspires a serious backlash.

whit people are getting on my nerves more and more every day.

So this is basically literary blackface. 


Then let’s get them dragged. I’m sure we can make it happen as a collective group (black tumblr/twitter) we’re a force to be reckoned with



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now i want to get a dual msw/mph

but haha the real issue (other than $$$) in applying to grad school is that I DONT HAVE A THIRD REFERENCE/A THIRD PERSON I CAN THINK OF TO ASK FOR A LETTER OF REC UGHSDKLFJDSLFJSDLF

i think writing a statement of intent or whatever will be pretty okay for me if i focus and after i finally get into the flow of writing.. bc well.. it is something i care about lol

but yeah the whole three letters of rec thing is really helpful in the ‘nah to grad school’ feelings tbh. why do i need more than 2.

this is why i didnt apply to private schools for undergrad/only applied to UCs for undergrad (jk its bc i didnt rly wanna go to a private and i had no dream school but you know the whole not having to get letters of rec thing was gr9 too)

wholeheartedly this

i still have/remember that gchat convo we had where we talked about roombas

the best thing i did in my life was to embrace the fact that animals are cute/was to outgrow middle school mentality of rejecting “what normal people like” in general but rly animals omg

i’ve never understood why wanting to eat a baby is an acceptable way of expressing their cuteness.

lol yeah it’s weird

and also makes me think of like weird fairy tales or smth

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this ball of yarn is terribly tangled rn and i’ve already knit like 10 rows so i dont want to undo and fix the ball and start over but i also don’t know if i want to attempt to cut the yarn, detangle, and then try joining the yarn back in BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE. so i’m going to keep trying to untagle this i guess ;_; non-academic stressors in my life

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i dont understand jokes about eating babies or harming small children, even if it’s something ridiculous and the person saying it is being obviously ridiculous/is not actually a terrible person

Taking ‘teaching in a diverse society’ has really been making me think a lot about anti-bias education recently. i think a class like this is so important for potential teachers/child care providers (I mean this stuff is not stuff you can learn in just a semester, obviously. it is all lifelong learning. but it’s important and necessary that it exists as part of the curriculum for early childhood educators imo). I’ve also been thinking about teaching kids about difference (and how being different is not a bad thing).

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i think through all my iterations of “what i want to do, specifically,” the basic idea of ~what i want to do~ has really stayed the same. just wanna help people. with the ideas attached that 1. interested/care abt health/health care access and access to services in general and 2. i think kids are great and need a lot of nurturing

omfg when people call actors by one of their character’s names